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Nominations for the Rossi Prize

  • Any member of HEAD can make a nomination for the Rossi Prize. (Nominations by non-members will be disregarded.)
  • A call for nominations is issued each year near the beginning of September.
  • Nominations are due by October 15 each year.
  • Letters of nomination should include a brief case for the nominee and a suggested citation.
  • Multiple signatories or letters in support strengthen the case.
  • Nominations remain active for three years.
  • The HEAD Executive Committee will choose the Rossi Prize winner. This choice is usually made at or by the time of the January AAS meeting, so that the winner can be announced at the Business meeting of the HEAD at the AAS.
  • The Rossi Prize consists of a Certificate, a cash award (currently $1500), and the opportunity to give the Rossi Prize Lecture at a meeting of the Division.
  • The Rossi Prize Lecture is usually then given in a plenary session at an AAS meeting following soon. (Either the next Summer or the next January meeting.)