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Minutes of the HEAD Executive and Business Sessions, January 9-10 Tucson, AZ
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K. Hurley


reported that the membership of the HEAD was now at 441. In addition, 130 people elected to join at the Napa HEAD meeting. Before they can actually become members, their eligibility must be verified (i.e., they must be AAS members).

He also reported that the AAS-held HEAD account now contains approximately $7000, not including the membership fees collected for 1995. In the checking account maintained by the secretary-treasurer, there is now about $3900. This includes a check received from Conference Connections for the Napa meeting.

The results of the HEAD Executive Committee elections are the following: Lynn Cominsky, Chuck Dermer, and Chryssa Kouveliotou were elected to replace outgoing members Hakki Ogelman, Rob Petre, and Belinda Wilkes. 85 votes were received; 77 of them were by e-mail.

Prior to this meeting, a vote was conducted to decide whether to amend the by-laws to extend the terms of the Chair and Vice Chair from one to two years. The results, announced at this meeting, were the following: 145 voted to amend, and 17 not to amend. Of the 162 votes received, 157 were by e-mail. Since more than 2/3 of those voting were in favor the process for changing the by-laws is now completed and the changes are in effect.

The HEAD Executive Committee voted to award the 1995 Rossi Prize to Carl Fichtel for his work with the EGRET experiment aboard the Compton Observatory,and particularly for the discovery of gamma-ray blazars.

The Napa HEAD meeting was a success, and another similar meeting should be planned. In view of the number of meetings in 1995 (Compton Symposium, ROSAT meeting in Wurzburg, and the gamma-ray burst meeting in Huntsville) and the fact that the 1995 Pittsburgh AAS meeting dates coincide with the dates of the 3rd Compton Symposium in Munich, it was decided to postpone the HEAD meeting until around Easter break in 1996. At that time, a HEAD meeting at/near UCSD will be held to highlight XTE results. It was decided to have invited talks on the first results from XTE, and on recent radio and x/gamma ray results on galactic microquasars.

D. Worrall proposed to amend the HEAD by-laws to remove gender-specific references, and presented an edited version of the by-laws. K. Hurley proposed to amend the by-laws to allow e-mail voting, and to remove the requirement that the secretary treasurer take notes of executive and business meetings. These by-law changes were presented to the HEAD members present at the business meeting. They voted unanimously to remove gender-specific references and to allow e-mail voting. The proposed changes to the by-laws will be posted on the HEAD WWW site for comment, and will be brought to the AAS Council at its meeting in June.

Comments from the floor at the Business Meeting formed a consensus view that notes of the business and executive meetings were valuable, and that they should be maintained and posted on the HEAD-AAS Mosaic site. This will now be done, beginning with these minutes.

Alan Bunner reported the news from NASA Headquarters. Subjects covered were Rick Harnden's acceptance of the visiting scientist position at HQ, the XTE, MIDEX and Compton/GRO NRA's, the INTEGRAL and New Mission Concepts peer review procedures, the possible budget reductions to the sounding rocket program, the need for an ASTRO-E science working group, the failure to get approval for gamma-ray burst detectors on the NEAR and MGS missions, and the formation of a Gamma-Ray Astronomy Program Working Group.

A HEAD Executive Committee meeting, and possibly a business meeting, will be held in conjunction with the Pittsburgh AAS meeting. Comments and suggestions about topics to be discussed are welcome, and may be sent to any executive committee member.

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