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Minutes of the business meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society.

January 11th, 2006 -- Washington DC


Roger Blandford, the HEAD Chair, opened the meeting by welcoming the HEAD membership.

Christine Jones as secretary-treasurer gave a brief report on the status of the twice yearly HEAD newsletters and the status of the HEAD accounts.

Ilana Harrus summarized the successful efforts of the HEAD press office in bringing new results to the public and cited several examples of the great interest in gamma-ray bursts from Swift as well an press coverage of Suzaku. Detailed information on press coverage is available in the May and November HEAD newsletters.

Roger brought the April APS meeting in Dallas to the attention of HEAD members and encouraged them to attend. Information about the APS meeting will be added to the HEAD web pages. We will also invite participation by members of the APS in the HEAD2006 meeting in San Fransisco. Steve Murray will lead the organizing committee for HEAD2006.

Roger announced that the Rossi prize will be awarded to Tod Strohmayer, Deepto Chakrabarty, and Rudy Wijnands for their pioneering work in revealing the millisecond spin periods and in establishing kilohertz intensity oscillations in X-ray sources as a powerful diagnostic tool of accreting neutron star binary systems. Deepto and Tod were in attendence and were congratulated.

Roger also mentioned the status of the HEAD elections. The nominating committee (Greg Madejski, Matthew Baring and Chryssa Kouveliotou) has generated a slate of candidates and is in the final stage of obtaining agreement from each candidate to stand for office. Ballots will be sent by email as soon as the slate is finalized.

Finally Roger noted that now was a great time in high energy astrophysics, but that it was also a challenging time and that he was a bit apprehensive about the future. As outgoing chair Roger offered his thanks to members of the executive committee and turned over the "mantle" to Steve Murray. Steve then thanked Roger, noting that it would be a formidable task to fill the shoes of a giant, but that he was looking forward to future challenges and advances.

There was no new business

Chair Steve Murray then adjourned the Business Meeting.

These minutes were prepared by Christine Jones, Secretary-Treasurer, High Energy Astrophysics Division, American Astronomical Society.

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