Newsletter No. 99, December 2011

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3. News on HEAD Meetings
Joel Bregman, HEAD Vice-Chair

The recent HEAD meeting in September in Newport was a great success and featured some new aspects, notably the public policy sessions, "The Future of High Energy Astrophysics". This was also the last meeting hosted by Eureka Scientific, and it was memorable, with an elegant meeting banquet at Rosecliff, a spectacular Gilded Age mansion. Dennis Overbye, the book author and New York Times reporter, received the Schramm Prize, while Jeanette Gladstone (University of Calgary), won the Dissertation Prize and presented the prize talk on her work, "Optical & X-ray Studies of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources".

The next several meetings are being organized in collaboration with the AAS meeting planners. They will be separated in time by about 18 months, with the agreements for three of the next four meetings already in place. They are

Spring 2013 (April) - Monterey, CA
Portola Hotel and Spa

Late Summer 2014 (August) - Vancouver, BC
Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

Spring 2016: To Be Determined, but in the Eastern half of the US

Late Summer 2017 (August) - Jackson Hole, WY
Snow King Hotel
This meeting ends the day before the total solar eclipse, which passes over Jackson Hole in the morning of August 21. This is the first total solar eclipse in the continental US since 1979.

In addition to the popular features we have come to expect (e.g., special session on proposed topics), meetings are likely to include a public policy session, further career development activities for younger
scientists, and reserved times to permit for group meetings associated with ongoing and future large projects. The HEAD Executive Committee, in collaboration with the AAS, is committed to making these meetings valuable venues for intellectual and professional discourse and the envy of our peers.

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