Newsletter No. 98, June 2011

15. Meetings Calendar

Given that we did not hear from too many meeting organizers, that in the past we knew that many people missed this last part of the newsletter, and many of those meetings we did hear about either filled up or had deadlines pass by the time the newsletter came out, we are considering changing this part of the newsletter.

Since we (HEAD) send out periodic emails to the membership about conferences, our plan is to have this be the only way we advertise conferences. We might consider maintaining a separate part of our webpage with a list of high-energy meetings of interest, but given that other organizations maintain conference webpages, we wonder if that duplicate effort is helpful. Comments? Please contact Ann Hornschemeier at headsec@xraydeep.org, (HEAD Secretary-Treasurer).


Title: Fourth Suzaku Science Conference
Dates: July 20-22 2011
Location: SLAC, Stanford CA
URL: http://www.confcon.com/suzaku2011

Short description:
Come hear the latest results highlighting the Suzaku X-ray
Observatory during the Fourth Suzaku Science conference,
Exploring the X-ray Universe: Suzaku and Beyond. To be held
at the Stanford SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

Registration Deadline: June 30, 2011

Title: 2011 X-ray Astronomy School
Dates: 1-5 August 2011
Location: Cambridge, MA
URL: http://cxc.harvard.edu/xrayschool/

The X-ray Astronomy School (XAS) is designed to introduce graduate
students and recent postdocs to the intricacies of X-ray astronomy. By
attending XAS, students will have the opportunity to learn from
scientists who are actively participating in X-ray research and
analysis. XAS also allows the next generation of X-ray Astronomers to
discuss their research interests with their colleagues and future

Title: 2nd Fermi Asian Network (FAN) Workshop
Dates: Aug 1-5, 2011
Location: Hsinchu City, Taiwan
URL: http://crab0.astr.nthu.edu.tw/FAN2/
Short Description: Join us at the National Tsing Hua University,
Taiwan to discuss some pressing problems in the general context
related to compact objects. The emphasis of this workshop will be on
both discussions and formal presentations. We will also hold a mini
hands-on training course to help students and postdocs to analyze Fermi
Note: There is no registration fee and we will provide accommodation
support for overseas students.

Registration Deadline: June 30, 2011

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