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Current Officers and Members

Below are the positions, names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of the current members of the HEAD executive committee.

Chair (2024-25) Kristin Madsen  
Vice Chair (2024-25)  Colleen Wilson-Hodge (626) 395-6601
Past Chair (2024-25) Randall Smith  
Secretary (2022-24) Mike Corcoran (301) 286-5576
Treasurer (2022-24) Elizabeth Ferrara (301) 286-7057
Member (2022-24) Tea Temim  
Member (2022-24) Tamara Bogdanovic  
Member (2023-25) Rafaella Margutti  
Member (2023-25) Javier Garcia  
Member (2024-26) Carolyn Kierans  
Member (2024-26) Paul Plucinsky  
Press Officer Megan Watzke (617) 496-7998

Deputy Secretary: Renee Ludlam (2023-2024) and Drew Miles (2023-2024)

(note: Deputy Secretary is a non-elected position appointed from volunteers selected by the Executive Committee to assist the Secretary. The Deputy Secretary position was instituted in 2023.)

Complete roster of past and present HEAD officers.

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