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The HEAD Frontier Seminar Series  |  Dependent Care Grants

Upcoming Meetings:

The Nineteenth Divisional Meeting of the HEAD

  • 2022 March 13-17, William Penn Omni, Pittsburgh, PA.  The William Penn Omni is an historic hotel, first opened in 1916, a Pittsburgh landmark, and rumored to be haunted (stay away from the 22nd floor).  It was designed by renowned architects Benno Janssen, and Franklin Abbott. Built by Henry Clay Frick, one of Pittsburgh’s wealthiest industrialists, the hotel combines the style of the great Old World hotels of Europe with the sophisticated technology offered by the 21st century.

  • September 14, 2021: We're now soliciting special sessions, splinter meetings and town halls for the 19th meeting.  Submissions can be entered at the MIRA submission portal.  The deadlines are

    • Special Session proposals due 11 November
    • Town Hall proposals due 11 November
    • Splinter Meeting proposals due 13 December

The Twentieth Divisional Meeting of the HEAD

The Twenty-First Divisional Meeting of the HEAD