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Does my article qualify for the David N. Schramm award?

The David N. Schramm award is given by the High-Energy Astrophysical Division of the AAS, so eligible articles should have a link to subjects considered quintessential to the field of high-energy astrophysics.
These include any articles with reference to:

* X-ray astronomy
* gamma-ray astronomy
* cosmic-ray astrophysics
* ultraviolet astronomy
* gravitational waves
* neutrino astronomy

Below are examples of articles, albeit noteworthy, that would be disqualified if submitted to the Schramm jury.

* An article on the big bang based on primarily on WMAP (or low-energy microwave/radio astrophysics) results
* An article on telecommunications and the dangers of Sun storms
* An article on skin cancer incidence and its links to overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the Sun,
* An article on how easy it is to lose weight on Mars
* An article on global warming

If you have any doubts about an entry, please contact the HEAD Press Officer.