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Mid-Career Prize

Call for Nominations for the 2019 Mid-Career Prize (Deadline: October 31, 2018)

The HEAD Mid-Career Prize is awarded approximately every 18 months for a significant advance or accomplishment (observational or theoretical) in High Energy Astrophysics by an individual astrophysicist within fifteen years of receiving their PhD. The prize is administered by the AAS HEAD executive committee. The cited body of work should be published in a refereed journal within the past five years, and originally published within fifteen years of the nominee receiving their PhD. Allowance will be made for time off because of maternity/paternity leave or other valid gaps. The prize will amount to $1500 with corrections every 5 years for inflation. The winner will give an invited talk at the Divisional Meeting in the award year. Travel expenses will be paid. Self nominations will be allowed. The nomination letter should state the specific paper(s) for consideration, along with a description of their larger relevance to the field. In the case of a nomination based on paper(s) with multiple authors, the nomination should describe the nominee's specific contributions to the work.

2017 Jon Miller

The 2017 HEAD Mid-Career Prize is awarded to Dr. Jon Miller for his seminal high resolution X-ray observations of accreting black hole systems.  His work has fundamentally advanced our understanding of accretion disk winds and the dynamics of the infalling material produced by the tidal disruption of a star by a black hole.  Please see the press release for more information

The List of Awardees