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HEAD 2020 Posters


Science Posters

1	Poster	2955971	Martin Elvis	Balance & Tension: Building a Broad & Deep Astrophysics Program with Astro2020
2	Poster	2954357	Keigo Fukumura	Variable Nature of Magnetically-Driven Ultra-Fast Outflows (UFOs) from AGN Accretion Disks
3	Poster	2954447	Bidzina Kapanadze	Swift Target of Opportunity Observations of X-ray Flares in BL Lacertae Objects
4	Poster	2956247	Tatehiro Mihara	Recent results of MAXI on ISS
5	Poster	2956487	Mark McConnell	The Role of High Energy Polarimetry in Understanding GRBs
6	Poster	2961943	Sylvain Guiriec	A Unified Model for GRB Prompt Emission from Optical to Gamma-Rays: Exploring GRBs as Standard Candles
7	Poster	2956631	Erik Kuulkers	INTEGRAL search for gravitational-wave gamma-ray counterparts
8	Poster	2962264	James Rodi	Searching for Fermi/GBM Untriggered SGRB Candidates with INTEGRAL/PICsIT
9	Poster	2956879	Meicun Hou	Chandra detection of Intracluster X-ray sources in Virgo and Fornax
10	Poster	2962253	Ian Evans	The Chandra Source Catalog Release 2.0
11	Poster	2962255	Francesca Civano	The Chandra Source Catalog 2.0: Preparing for the future using the Golden Present
12	Poster	2958977	Zhenlin Zhu	A New Chandra Perspective of X-ray-Emitting, Close Binaries in the Nuclear Star Cluster
13	Poster	2962180	Joy Nichols	X-ray Evolution of the Symbiotic Binary R Aqr : 2000-2005
14	Poster	2955986	Michael Nowak	High Spectral Resolution Observations of Ultrafast Outflows in AGN and ULX
15	Poster	2953604	Norbert Schartel	Highlights of XMM-Newton Observations
16	Poster	2960681	Nathan Lee	Sub-Eddington super-massive black holes in Fornax Cluster early types
17	Poster	2957244	Haocheng Zhang	Multi-wavelength polarimetry of blazar jets: theoretical predictions and observability
18	Poster	2961881	Bruce Grossan	The Great, Thus Far Overlooked, Value in Optical-IR Colors Measured Simultaneously with Prompt Gamma-Ray Burst Emission, for Future Space Missions
19	Poster	2962254	Vincent Lakey	Halo Model Calculation of the Angular Cross Correlation Between the the Thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect and Diffuse X-ray Emission In Galaxy Group and Cluster Halos
20	Poster	2962318	Timothy Kallman	3D Mapping of the Neutral X-ray Absorption in the Local Interstellar Medium
21	Poster	2962328	Gregory Brown	Laboratory Astrophysics for 21st century X-ray Observatories
22	Poster	2962626	Lorenzo Natalucci	Cyclotron absorption features in Supergiant Fast X-ray transients: the case of IGR J16418-4532
23	Poster	2955582	Bradford Snios	Temporal Variability and Proper Motions in the Jet of Centaurus A
24	Poster	2962261	Miao Li	How Supernovae-driven Hot Outflows Regulate Circumgalactic Medium
25	Poster	2962330	Shuo Zhang	Diverse Origin of Galactic Center Non-thermal X-ray Filaments
26	Poster	2962346	Jeremy Hare	High-mass gamma-ray binaries in X-rays and at higher energies.
27	Poster	2962385	Aneta Siemiginowska	High Energy AstroStatistics for the 2020’s and Beyond.
28	Poster	2961808	Noel Klingler	What we can learn from high-resolution observations of pulsar wind nebulae
29	Poster	2955601	Bradford Snios	Physical Properties Within the Cocoon Shock of Radio Sources
30	Poster	2962273	Eric Perlman	Jet Physics, Current X-ray Observations and the Next Decade
31	Poster	2962286	Eileen Meyer	Jets from Black Holes: The Chandra Revolution and Future Prospects
32	Poster	2962335	Lia Corrales	High Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy of Quiescent Sgr A*
33	Poster	2962414	Natalie Hell	Disentangling the complex geometry of the clumpy absorber in high-mass X-ray binaries with time-resolved high-resolution spectroscopy
34	Poster	2956451	Edmund Hodges-Kluck	Measuring Gas Velocities in Galactic Hot Halos
35	Poster	2960050	Matthew Bayliss	Spatially Resolving X-Ray Emission from Strongly Lensed Star-Forming Galaxies at Cosmic Noon
36	Poster	2962352	Steve Zepf	Testing for black holes in globular clusters with X-ray observations
37	Poster	2962427	Andrew Ptak	High-resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of Starburst Galaxies
38	Poster	2956409	Fabio Pacucci	The First Black Holes in the Next Decade of High-Energy Astrophysics
39	Poster	2962688	Norbert Schultz	High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy: Distribution of Matter in and around Galaxies
40	Poster	2963780	Hao Zhou	Observing Extended TeV Gamma-Ray Structures with HAWC
41	Poster	2963896	Peter Polko	Magnetic Alignment of Accretion Discs
42	Poster	2955193	Anjali Gupta	Warm-hot Circum Galactic Medium of Galaxies of Galaxies
43	Poster	2977988	Sanskriti Das	Discovery of warm-hot CGM around a starburst L* galaxy

Mission Posters

1	Poster	2961317	Theresa Brandt	NASA’s Physics of the Cosmos Program and Analysis Group: Decadal Survey Support
2	Poster	2962671	Lisa Winter	High Energy Astrophysics at the Intelligence and Space Research Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory
3	Poster	2964666	Karl Smith	Space Science at the Intelligence and Space Research Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory
4	Poster	2953745	Pragati Pradhan	Exploring transient detection with WFI onboard Athena
5	Poster	2955870	David Burrows	US Contributions to the Athena Wide Field Imager
6	Poster	2962028	Eric Miller	Reducing the Athena WFI Background with the Science Products Module: Lessons from Chandra ACIS and Suzaku XIS
7	Poster	2961957	Esra Bulbul	Characterizing Particle Background of Athena WFI for the Science Products Module: Swift XRT Full Frame and XMM-PN Small Window Observations
8	Poster	2961787	Laura Brenneman	Using Lessons Learned from Hitomi to Inform the ATHENA In-Flight Calibration Plan
9	Poster	2955882	Lynne Valencic	Arcus: Observatory Science
10	Poster	2960987	Scott Wolk	Arcus: Exploring exoplanets in X-rays
11	Poster	2961798	Laura Brenneman	Arcus: Black Hole Feedback Science
12	Poster	2956010	Ralph Kraft	The Lynx High-Definition X-ray Imager (HDXI): Instrument Concept and Preliminary Design
13	Poster	2963691	David Goldfinger	Wide Field Observations with the Micro-X Telescope
14	Poster	2960169	Michael Loewenstein	The Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite Probe Mission: Overview
15	Poster	2956454	Edmund Hodges-Kluck	The AXIS View of Galaxies Near and Far
16	Poster	2953829	Brian Williams	Supernova Remnant Science with AXIS
17	Poster	2953738	William Zhang	Silicon Meta-Shell X-ray Optics for Astronomical Missions: High Resolution, Light Weight, and Low Cost
18	Poster	2961724	Lisa Winter	Time-domain Astronomy with the Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite
19	Poster	2956455	Colleen Wilson-Hodge	STROBE-X: X-ray Timing & Spectroscopy on Dynamical Timescales from Microseconds to Years
20	Poster	2961734	Lisa Winter	AMEGO: A First Look at the MeV Emission from Local Seyfert Active Galaxies
21	Poster	2962309	Jeremy Perkins	Development of the AMEGO Subsystems
22	Poster	2962313	Regina Caputo	AMEGO: Simulations of the Instrument Performance
23	Poster	2962006	Kristin Madsen	Optical instrument design of the High-Energy X-ray Probe (HEX-P)
24	Poster	2957356	Sean Pike	The Focal Plane of the High-Energy X-ray Probe (HEX-P)
25	Poster	2952990	Koji Mori	Concept of a future Japan-lead mission for a broadband X-ray imaging spectroscopy with high-angular resolution: the FORCE mission
26	Poster	2960309	Lorenzo Amati	The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor (THESEUS)
27	Poster	2962422	Jonathan Grindlay	Time-domain Spectroscopic Observatory (TSO): Transients and TDA out to z ~15
28	Poster	2962428	Jonathan Grindlay	Full-Sky/Time X-ray Imaging Observatory (4piXIO)
29	Poster	2956296	Filippo Frontera	Advanced Surveyor of Transient Events and Nuclear Astrophysics (ASTENA)
30	Poster	2955881	Brian Grefenstette	MonSTER: The Monitoring Spectroscopic Telescope for Energetic Radiation
31	Poster	2962322	Fabian Kislat	The SuperCOnducTing Titanium Imager SCOTTI and High Resolution X-ray Imaging Spectroscopy in the next Decade
32	Poster	2956532	Clio Sleator	The Compton Spectrometer and Imager
33	Poster	2957300	Laura Brenneman	Towards a New Era in Galactic Gamma-Ray Astromomy
34	Poster	2960059	J. Grove	GAMERA: a γ-ray telescope for the gravitational wave astrophysics era
35	Poster	2962268	Richard Miller	Ex Luna Scientia: The Lunar Occultation Explorer (LOX), A New Paradigm for Nuclear Astrophysics
36	Poster	2957361	John Mitchell	Ultra-Heavy GCR measurements beyond SuperTIGER: The Heavy Nuclei eXplorer
37	Poster	2970802	Nepomuk Otte	Trinity: An instrument to detect cosmogenic neutrinos with the Earth skimming technique
38	Poster	2964333	Joshua Wood	Impact of Next Generation Instruments on the Search for Galactic Neutrino Sources
39	Poster	2963068	Carol Scarlett	Experimental Techniques to Detect Exotic Particle Interactions
40	Poster	2962399	Herman Marshall	The Future of Soft X-ray Polarimetry
41	Poster	2962271	Melville Ulmer	Some Suggestions for 1 keV Science for a compelling Major Mission
42	Poster	2955897	Philip Kaaret	Small satellites for astrophysics
43	Poster	2961996	John Tomsick	The High-energy Astrophysics SmallSat for Polarization and Positrons
44	Poster	2962413	Jason Hogan	Mid-band Atomic Gravitational-wave Interferometric Sensor (MAGIS): satellite mission concept and astrophysics science reach.
45	Poster	2962259	Chi Cheung	Gravitational Wave Astrophysics with MAGIS: progenitors and pre-merger localizations of Advanced LIGO/Virgo binary-merger events
46	Poster	2961125	Tristano Di Girolamo	Strategies for the Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Transients at Very High-Energy Gamma Rays with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
47	Poster	2957220	Chiumun Hui	MoonBEAM: A Beyond Earth-orbit Gamma-ray Burst Detector for Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
48	Poster	2961807	Hiromasa Miyasaka	Development of the hard X-ray imaging pixel detectors with custom ASIC for astrophysical applications
49	Poster	2962341	Andreas Zoglauer	Determining the Performance of Future High-energy Space Missions with MEGAlib
50	Poster	2962373	Jeffrey Livas	Possible LISA Technology Applications for Other Missions
51	Poster	2962720	Daniel Castro	Panchromatic Astrophysics - the Great Observatories Approach and the Future of Astronomy
52	Poster	2970279	Kenji Hamaguchi	Study of Particle Acceleration in eta Carinae with the MeV Electron-Tracking Compton Camera
53	Poster	2953738 William Zhang  Silicon Meta-Shell X-ray Optics for Astronomical Missions: High Resolution, Light Weight, and Low Cost
54	Poster	2953738 Henrike Fleischhack  Towards a New Era in Galactic Gamma-Ray Astromomy